Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Gobble Gobble Flairs Freebie and Black Friday Sale

Good evening everyone. Happy almost Thanksgiving. I can smell the turkey in the air already. Can't wait to get up in the a.m. and get going in the kitchen. Hey all you guys that are waiting for a pretty AMAZING sale I am going to be having a Black Friday sale like I do every year at the JSS Outlet Store. If it's stocking up you want to do this is the weekend to do it. It starts now through November 30th. All Kits and Add On products are all just $1 and all Bundles are 75% off. ON TOP OF IT ALL BECAUSE I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH AND ARE SO GRATEFUL FOR YOU, I AM LEAVING UP THE 10-50% SALE SO YOU CAN DOUBLE DISCOUNT. What is that? Yep that is right so if you put $50 worth of $1 products in your cart and use the 50% off coupon that means all your $1 products will actually be $0.50. I know I'm crazy but if it weren't for all you guys supporting my store I wouldn't be able to pitch in and help Hubby pay the bills. With 4 teenage daughters in the house it can be pretty expensive ;) So Thank You guys for another year of support. Oh yeah and I also have a freebie for you tonight. I made a few flairs for the Gobble Gobble kit and I thought you all might like to have them to add to your Gobble Gobble goodies. Have a great Turkey Day tomorrow, if I don't pass out after all that turkey I should have another little treat for you tomorrow as well. Link to download Gobble Gobble Flairs in the Fan Freebies Group HERE


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