Thursday, April 23, 2015

Tea For Two Cluster Stitch Freebie And A Little Store Info If Your Interested

So guys first I would like to say THANK YOU for all the feedback. It was so nice hearing from you guys, with the last time I asked some questions to you all and not getting any response I started to worry a little. I want you all to know I have heard you all loud and clear both the good and the bad and I have passed it all along to the new owner of Life Captured Scraps. She was very thankful for the info. I had to put it all out there to you guys because you guys are the bulk of the customers at the store so it was really important to hear from you all. All the info was very helpful to her and it also gave me a little something to think about the last few days. Unfortunately I am getting the feeling that in my quest to reduce my Admin and Customer Service duties by selling my store to spend more time focusing on designing and family I will soon be at the point income-wise, because of the dramatic drop in sales, to not be able to feed the family which I don't think is a good thing for anyone sooooooooooooooo what I have decided to do instead is to take my Outlet which I do still own and turn it into my personal store. It will be my products for all 3 of my lines only, no other designers. The Outlet will still be available it will just be a category in my personal store. I will be moving ALOT of my older products into that category. I am also hearing from you all that prices are an issue. I am torn on this a little because I do believe as most other designers do that this is a business and that hours and hours and hours go into creating these kits and to sell them at such a low price really makes us feel like our work is undervalued (not to mention the Paypal fees and the Taxes we pay takes a big chunk out of the price of products) BUT on the other side of it I do know times are tough, believe me I know times are tough for me as well I just had to sell my car 2 weeks ago because I could no longer make the payments and that is only the first of MANY things we are going to be cutting out of our budget to make ends meet. So I hear you and I totally understand money is tight. Now I do have a contract with my other stores that states I must have my prices the same across the board so if I sell a kit there at a certain price I must sell it at my store at the same price. So what I have decided to do because I have that contract and must adhere to it but I am hearing that those prices are just too high I am going to keep my 10-50% coupon live for anyone that wants to use it and that coupon will work at GS and GP as well so I am fair to all the customers that shop there. I haven't activated it yet so at all stores so don't attempt to use it yet. Somebody brought up that they miss my discount for the first week on my products but I do still have a discount for the first weeks on my products always so not sure where that came from it might just have been that she missed that sale price before it went back to regular price but I figured I would bring it up because if she was thinking that more people might be thinking the same thing. New releases are always on sale for the first week they go live. It will take some time to get things up and running for the JSS personal store because all of my files will need to be transferred over and I am not kidding when last I looked there were 6099 files for my products. That's right 6099 and if you think downloading takes time uploading takes more so I don't expect that it will be ready to go until after this weekend but it should be ready to go by NSD weekend. I hope to see you all there and shopping again soon. My freebie today is a Cluster Stitch for my Tea For Two kit. Have a great day.


Friday, April 17, 2015

Shabby Chic Cluster Seal Freebie

Good evening everyone. So last post I put out there a question for you all and to my surprise I had absolutely not one response to it. So what is going on? I figured it has to be either you all are miffed at me for turning over my store to a new owner or nobody is reading any of my posts. So which is it? Inquiring minds would like to know. What is really going on? So I will put the question out there again because I was asked by the new owner to get some feedback from you guys and I would love to give some to her. How are you all liking the new Life Captured Scraps store? Everything seem to be running smoothly? How are you liking the new designers in the store? Anything different you would like to see in the store? A little more of this? A little less of that? Anything? Anything? Hello out there. LOL! Well I have a Cluster Seal freebie for you all tonight using the Shabby Chic kit. Be sure to grab it before you go.