Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Falling Slowly Monogram Freebie "K"

Hey guys. Thanks for coming by. I have the letter "K" for you tonight. Gotta go I have dinner on the stove. Have a nice evening.


Monday, November 17, 2014

Let's Clear It Up!

So apparently my new kit "resembles" kits by Studio Flergs and Connie Prince and it is being brought to my attention. No I don't get my inspiration from other designers kits Sandy. The actual inspiration for my latest kit is from a card I saw on Pinterest, fell in love with the look of it so thought I would create a kit using the same colors and feel. Now brace yourself Sandy I am creating a Christmas kit and I might have red and green in it. I sure hope no other of the 14,000 designers out there use red and green, if they do I'm not copying their work either I just happen to be using red and green in a Christmas Kit it's just as simple as that. Sorry for the rant but it really ticks me off when people leave comments like that in a public forum such as someones blog where it is public and people can see it and might draw the conclusion that I'm doing something wrong ruining my reputation. This business is hard enough to keep afloat without having people try to drag you down and rip your name through the mud. I'm posting a picture of the card that inspired my Romantique kit incase your interested: