Monday, January 11, 2016

Countdown Alpha Freebie and New Extras at the store

"Let It Go!" Boy have I been saying that alot to myself since New Year's. 2015 was not my best year and since Jan 1 I have been working on letting it go from financial woes to going into business with a someone I though was a friend only to find out I was being used to get it off the ground and dropped when it got going right before Christmas. That will teach me not to get it writing before going all in, shame on me. 2015 is behind me and I am letting it go. Spent the last couple of weeks taking it easy online, spending time with the girls and getting ready to work on some new stuff. How about you all? Anything new for you this year? New Year's resolutions? Can you stick with them you think? I am bound and determined to stick with mine. Got myself on a pretty good routine with eating better, exercise Mon-Fri and spending more quality time with the family and simplifying my life, it has been a FABULOUS 2 weeks so pretty motivated to stick with it. I have a few new things in the store I made to go with some of my existing kits. I made a few extras for Countdown, Extra Papers, Flairs and Journal or Pocket Scrap Cards plus some Journal or Pocket Scrap Cards for Warm Hearts, both of which I made some SVG files for so any of you Paper Scrappers out there they make some pretty great Print and Cut Cards for your Project Life or Pocket Scrap Pages. I have a little Alphabet Freebie for you tonight to add to your Countdown kit. Be sure to grab it before you go. Here are some previews of the new extras in the store.

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